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Why hello there ^_^

The name is Lychee~

Filipino in Vancity singing Disney songs all day, everyday~

EXO, SNSD, & Roosterteeth are my faves

Reblogs or Likes whatever I want... But it's mostly Sunny Bunny, Krease the Dragon, & Panda Tao

Fell in love with a some fictional characters and some hawt kpop boys <3

In too many fandoms/fanclubs to count (^^;

I effing love ALL my followers!

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Follow Me If You Wish

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These are my favorite ladies.

Tagged as: Roosterteeth,

Tagged as: Roosterteeth,


'You had a wet dream sat next to a bunch of people?'
'Sat next to Geoff.'
'He's dreamy, y'know.'


→The Cast Of: Minecraft


It was important.

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Tagged as: Roosterteeth,

I'm such a fool, I can't be free!

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Why is a talking piece of plastic giving me emotions? 

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only dicks wear sunglasses at night!